q’d feel free to delete ✌ ☀
You dont haf to miss me your right there and im rifht here


q’d feel free to delete ✌ ☀

You dont haf to miss me your right there and im rifht here

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Fuck man i need consistancy. Everyone leavea me and i dont kno why i have nothing and noone. I dont even have someone to pretend they care. The one person i thought gavea shit left and came back fo r a second just to rub it in. I wish ppl would stop using me my heart cant take anymore.

I get.it.

Well i geuss im jus gonna haf to.give up.hahs who am i kidding your my dream girl, thegirl next door lol i could nevergive.up.on you.

That basterd liied…


Tell me why amd i womy bother you agin i lno i probly sound like a freack but fuck sheila i love you. I just want, u in my life period. It dosent mayter to me if you have diffrent feelings or whatever your the only thing ive ever done right and its not faor that ive lost you i mean my family disoned me beacuse of a rumor and u belibed it to. Tje reson ive lost this wait is because im depressed as fuck not because of them bit because i cant stand the idea of you not being here.

Dam your so beatifull.

I wish you could feel how i feel when i you look at me..

We need to talk like really talk.

Neitherbof us have to feel this way plz talk to me so we can make this all go away. Beacuse om hurt and even worse you are too and that makes me feel even morenpain

This suvks.

I miss you i kno you miss me. So ill be waiting for you..


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If. You would be mine…

I would make you my princsess give you every thing you ever wanted tellbyou that i loved you every day spend every possible moment with you and make sure you were happy cus all i want is your happiness and well you.